A2Z Infrastructure

Creating a Cleaner Climate is a mission everyone at A2Z is dedicated to and that is why forays have been planned into the space of Municipal Solid Waste management and Renewable Energy.

As one of the leading Indian Waste Management companies, we are proud of setting up the biggest, single location Integrated Resource Recovery Facility (IRRF) in Asia as well as setting up one of the first IRRF with ESCO focus.

We have pioneered the concept of IRRF right from C&T (collection and transportation) to P&D (processing and disposal) by utilizing all items that have not remained useful in their present form any longer. In India, so far, the projects are being done piece meal. While C&T is done separately by different agencies, P&D is managed by the government through outsourcing model.



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  • Health Safety & Environment
  • Social Accountability Policy
  • Social Responsibility


About A2Z

A versatile business group with 20000 Employees that contribute to it's Pan India Geographical presence. Incepted in 2002, the Turnover for the Financial Year 2014 is Rs.716 Crores. The Group had a CAGR of 82.26% over the past 11 years from FY04 to FY14.

Our Vision is to be one of the leading Engineering & Infrastructure company delivering superior innovative solutions. Our activities are driven by our guiding principles of integrity and reliability, openness and Empowered by positive attitude, passion and innovation.


  • JCB CII – APTDC Solid Waste Management Award for achieving excellence in solid waste management in 2010
  • CII – APTDC Clean Earth Award for achieving excellence in solid waste management in 2011
  • Hon'ble PM of India awards A2Z's Kanpur Project with The Best City National Award for Improvement in Solid Waste