Early Mover Advantage: A2Z's rapid growth in short span has created entry barriers for competition

Unique PPP Model: A2Z's ability to not only bag PPP but in real sense implement PPP by involving all stakeholders is a big edge

IRRF Model: Integrated Resource Recovery Model approach ensures covering the entire value chain of C-T-P-D-WtE which is unique currently in Indian context

Government as a Client: A2Z Group's background of deal ing wi th Government helps in understanding the Government Functioning & expectation



  • Approx 420 employees
  • Inclusive Growth Approach: “Dignity of Service” promoted extensively in all the team
  • [Collection-Transfer-Processing- Disposal]
  • A2Z Institute to impart unique training [content in collaboration with UNEP-United Nations
  • Environment Program]
  • Strong pool of people from Logistics Management , Project Management


  • ISO 9001: 2008 being worked upon
  • SOPs being designed by KPMG
  • Operational Research Support by US University


  • CDM {Global Consulting Giant} to advise on Technologies
  • State-of-the-Art Lab Testing Facility. SGS to set Independent Testing
  • Bespoke GIS Solution for Consumer Indexing
  • Bespoke Mobile Enabled Billing-Collection being developed
  • State of the Art Software Under Development