Fast Facts

  • Inception Year: Fiscal 2008
  • FY 14 Turnover: INR 78.2 Cr approx.
  • Employees: 5300+
  • Order Book: Approx 5000 TPD
  • Industry/Sector: Waste Management
  • Business Model: PPP Mode Long Term Contract for Municipal Solid Waste
  • Value Chain: Collection-Transfer-Processing-Disposal-WtE
  • Leadership Description:
    Leading Indian Waste Management Company Setting up the biggest [in Asia] single location IRRF (Integrated Resource Recovery Facility) at Kanpur (1500 TPD
  • IRRF with ESCO focus
    IRRF means Integrated Resource Recovery Facility: The model thrives on the science of "treating Waste as a Resource" and recovering/recycling/processing as much possible from the waste and sending as less as possible to landfill