History & Milestones

March, 2007: Inception

We faced strong entry barriers due to the presence of very strong, established monopolistic competitors. A big paradigm shift was required at our end also as so far, we had been a working, capital-oriented, non- industrial contracting company. And this business not only required an industrial activity oriented bent of mind, but a Greenfield industrial bent of mind.

Later half of 2007:

We opened the UP Business and were awarded the UP tenders on very lose grounds. We were ready with our Business Model: Integrated 360 Degrees End to End Business to a Single Party. Till date, different functions of the value chain are being handled by different operators and every one is failing.


The entire tendering process and award of 2007 was cancelled and a spate of JVs ensued. We took support of KCDC, Burns, Bhumika, Macafferi, Monika, Ram Engineering, etc and created a very formidable consortium who qualified in every department of the business.

Tenders for Dewas and UP were presented and subsequently we won the same.

As a result, the newest and the youngest kid on the block had won the largest MSW contract (1500 TPD) of the country – Kanpur.